Amarillo Junction

Amarillo Junction

time 9:00 pm

October 31, 2014

The ‘Amarillo Junction’ is the corridor of Interstate 35 between Interstate 40 and Interstate 44 intersect, from the OK State Fairgrounds to OKC Downtown. It was a perfect name for this band, since the members all came together there from different birthplaces, backgrounds, and upbringings.

In only a few months of getting together, the band was booking shows all over OKC and surrounding areas. After a few member lineup and musical direction changes, the band finally came together as the incarnation you see now and is taking the genre and industry by storm. With all members contributing to the writing process, they have found between themselves a ton of great original material available to develop and record for the masses. With upbeat original songs like ‘Lawman’s Comin” and ‘The American Way’, to ballads like ‘Rearview’ and ‘Texarkana’, the band has created their own form of dual male led “country meets rock” that has positioned themselves quite uniquely in the music scene, and have been similarly compared to and in the vein of bands like Montgomery Gentry, Big and Rich, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Florida-Georgia Line, Old Dominion, and Love & Theft, while keeping that rockin’ country style that is all their own.

They’re currently booking scaled-down acoustic shows and full band ‘plugged-in’ events all over Oklahoma and beyond. They have a full-night’s set list with a mix of originals and fun, danceable covers and they can keep any audience entertained. They are currently shopping for management company/booking opportunities as well as a great studio to record their debut full-length album.

They’ll see you out there!!